I'm brumal, and I currently live in the Tokyo area.

I write and draw in my spare time. I also translate comics (with permission!).

he’s similar to rin in my case… their jerk attitudes piss me off but their faces…. and bodies…. give me an intense urge to procreate… aha ha ha… /stares into the horizon contemplating my shameful existence

Oh my god. wwwwwww

i’m not caught up to the manga so all i see of him is in the anime. his personality is the type i usually dislike, but dang i find him so attractive i don’t even know why, curse my girl hormones /cries

He’s so hard to like in the beginning! ORZ I was also like, “HOW CAN ANYONE LIKE HIM….”

But yes, he is super adorable. /lies down and cries with you

He reminds me a lot of Rei in many ways, except not. Rei’s so much dorkier. /laUGHS

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Sometimes, I read/watch manga/anime and feel like shipping aLL THE THINGS. But then there are times where it’s just like, “Can we not.”

(I used to hate the guts out of Tsukishima. And then I grew fond of him.)

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I really liked that biking montage that they included. The soundtrack for that sequence was really pretty too!

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I’m always wary of doing these kinds of things, because I’m afraid no one will ask me anything, but I’m feeling brave and bored now, so….

If you copy/paste your favorite line or scene from one of my Free! stories, I’ll gladly tell with you my thought process on writing it as well as other miscellaneous facts about the story! Or you can just ask me specific questions about a fic, if you’re curious about it.

I’ll probably publish your Ask publicly if I write too much, but please tell me if you’d like me to keep my answer private instead! Or you can just reply to this post!

(Please don’t forget to tell me which story it’s from. I remember my own fics pretty well, but I’m not that good at remembering everything. Lol)


If anyone’s still interested, I’m still doing this.

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Haikyuu!! is happening right now, but I’m too lazy to drag myself out to a TV. I’ll just wait for the subs to happen…. Ugh.

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@engelen: Hm? Like, check how much antihistamine is in it? Well, it’s really alright. I’m sure it’ll kick in after a while! I’m just being whiny. Lol It’s been a long time since I’ve suffered allergy attacks, so it kind of sucks.

On the upside, Japan’s spring is beautiful!

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@engelen: Y’know, the thing is, Loratadine usually works for me, but since I thought it was a cold and not allergies, I didn’t take the medication for a day. The effectiveness isn’t kicking in, so I hope it’s just a matter of time. Also, I’m not actually sure Japan has over-the-counter allergy medicine…

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my allergy medicine isn’t working. save me.