Hello, I'm brumal, and I like yelling about ReiGisa and RinTori. My art blog is here, and I'm also on Twitter.
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fill both of your writing desires, write a four way

You know, I’m actually really uncomfortable with writing sex scenes that include more than two characters. For me, sex is a really personal thing that requires a great deal of mutual trust, so it’s hard for me to expand it beyond that intimate moment between two people. (I also have great difficulties shipping characters with more than exactly ONE OTHER CHARACTER, so there’s that.)

But it’s funny that, every time I say I want to write ReiGisa and RinTori, literally the first suggestion I get is always “WRITE A FOURSOME!” 

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You can do it bb! Give those obligations a S-S-S-SMACKDOOOWWWWNNNN (OAO)9


(omfg that’s such a cute emoticon….. i miss talking to you. ;;w;;)

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7/16/2014 - reigisa after today’s episode!!


7/16/2014 - reigisa after today’s episode!!

I do, too! I finally, finally, learned how to swim, and now… it can’t end here!

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A full moon rises over the skyline of New York as seen from the Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange, New Jersey on August 10, 2014.

A full moon rises over the skyline of New York as seen from the Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange, New Jersey on August 10, 2014.

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rei and nagisa, season one » season two

only a season has passed by since we first met
yet somehow, yet strangely, i feel at ease
we gathered here because we knew that this is where we belong
this miraculous afternoon that is made possible from having chosen the same summer.

natsu no owari no yuumagure ♪ duet by ryugazaki rei & hazuki nagisa
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/writhes on the floor

i wanna write rintori and reigisa and finish up my drawings and start some new ones, but i have no time, there’s so much to do, and i just need to get my life back in order omg

okay i can do this, i just need a few more days and i’ll be okay. phEW OKAY, LET’S DO THIS.

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I think tumblr has left a lot of us emotionally stunted. This is a great community for empowerment, catharsis, or coping, but those things aren’t recovery in and of themselves. Comparatively, they’re easy when compared to the painful self-reflection and real-world scenarios you’ll have to encounter on the road to true recovery. Not only does Tumblr not focus enough on recovery, but there’s almost a disdain here for the very notion.

There’s a lot of time spent validating everything. “Your symptoms are valid! Your responses are valid! Your depression is valid! Your coping is valid!” Well, yeah, all that stuff is definitely valid, and understanding that is important step in recovery, but it’s certainly not the final step. All that stuff is valid in the same way a baby chewing on a teething ring is valid, and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about if your recovery is still in its infancy, but Tumblr almost encourages you to stay there, to never grow out of it.

There’s a difference between what’s valid and what’s healthy, what’s best for you. I recently saw a post that validated people who stay in their room all day. Is that a valid response to anxiety? Sure. Is it a healthy response? Hell no, and there isn’t a person on Earth who can convincingly make the argument that the best thing you can do for your anxiety is to never leave your room.

Or how about those “how to care for a _________” posts? They’ve got some great tips there, and a lot of what they say is true, but you cannot reasonably expect people to coddle your issues, insecurities, or self-perceived inadequacies. Your recovery has to come from you. It has to be a difficult decision you make with yourself and carry through with because you need it. Your recovery can’t come from hoping other people will validate you.

No one should be ashamed of where they are in their recovery process, but there’s also no reason why you should be in the same place with your issues as you were in 2010.

Your final goal is not validation. It isn’t empowerment. It isn’t finding a way to get through the day. It isn’t being comfortable with your problems, nor is it accepting that they’ll never go away. The final goal is health. The final goal is happiness. The final goal is contentment. The final goal is recovery.

Bolded is mine. This covers a lot of things I hate about Tumblr, as their process of validating mental illnesses tends to make people believe that validating = curing. 

I think one of the things that struck me most unhealthy about Tumblr was the cries demanding people give “trigger warnings” before posting.

As is well known by now a few years ago I had my life come to a screeching halt by a complete mental breakdown that left me hospitalized for some time. The culprit was undiagnosed OCD, the grand-daddy of all anxiety disorders. Of all the labours in my life my recovery was the hardest and it is by no means complete and I don’t know that it ever will be. It is a daily struggle measured in inches.

Things that can trigger an anxiety or full blown panic attack in me are many and varied and sometimes remarkably mundane. It is a full time job for me to deal with these triggers. But one of the first things I learned in therapy is that job is mine and mine alone. It is not for my family nor friends and most certainly not for the world at large much less random people on the internet to protect me from being exposed to the things that can trigger my anxiety. It is for me to deal with my anxiety in a way that does not cause harm to myself. DBT and CBT (that is cognitive behaviour therapy, not cock and ball torture…) gave me the tools I need to do the work I must do. Isolating myself from my anxieties wasn’t the answer and demanding the world around me bend to deflect my anxieties is not only selfish, it’s unhealthy. Unhealthy for me and unhealthy for the people around me.

Now not every day am I the master of my own personal demons. There are some days I just need to lock myself away in my room. There are many, many times I have to pick and choose my battles. But in the grand sense I am making the effort to be on the move, onward and upward. I am carving out my place in the world where I can be as healthy and productive as I can.

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I want a manga about two seiyuus who hate each other’s guts and then have to do a BL game together.

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Is it okay that I don’t feel embarrassed at all and that I just enjoy the deliciousness that are your Reigisa fanfics? Because dang they are hot~~~~

Literally how are you not embarrassed when you read them though. My entire writing process for porn is me softly weeping while going, “Why am I writing this?”

I am too distracted by all those noises Nagisa is making when Rei thrusts inside him (while he pulls Nagisa’s hair or make him lick his fingers, or anything like that) to remember to feel embarrassed.


You doing it for a greater good; believe in your own skills, believe…

Okay, shhh, shh, shhh. You’re just making me feel even more embarrassed now, omg.