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Yesterday, I went to Revo’s Halloween Party with some friends! It was a concert featuring Sound Horizon and many artists from the Linked Horizon project. I’m not a huge fan of Sound or Linked Horizon, but for my first concert in Japan, I had a lot of fun!

One of the coolest thing about the concert was that they gave all of us wristbands which were synchronized to the performance of the concert, so during certain songs, they’d all light up the same color. When everyone moved their hands in synch, it looked like the entire arena was undulating! It was incredily beautiful and stunning.  We couldn’t keep them, of course, but since they were controlled by transmitters during the concert, they would have been useless anyway. Lol

The entire concert was more like a play because they acted out the songs on the decorated stage. It was really nicely done, though some parts were just downright cheesy. Lol The effects they used were wonderful.

Of course, they sang Guren no Yumiya as well! It was really something to be able to hear it live. 

One of the most touching things about this performance was the fact that child actors and dancers were chosen for the concert. They did a great job, and I have to admit that they were pretty adorable.

And, at the end, almost all of the musicians, back-up dancers, child actors, back-up actors, and even narrator were introduced by name! They all had their five seconds of solo performance and received individual applause! Just how wonderful is that?!

It felt so intimate and beautiful.

Even though I didn’t know a lot of the songs and wasn’t pumped up about them, I think the most moving part of the entire performance was when Revo left the stage and the lyrics for the anthem of Sound Horizon showed up on the three screens at the front. They played the soundtrack to the song, and everyone started singing it together. It was such a glorious thing to be sitting among the audience and hearing everyone sing like that. I was really, really moved.

All in all, I’m very glad I was able to attend this event. I didn’t expect myself to go to a concert here, but I did, and it was really fun! And organized…. Even though there were so many people, the entire thing was so orderly. Hahaha! Kind of crazy….


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